HTC HD2 Sells Out At T-Mobile…BTW, This Article Isn’t About The iPad

I think we could all use a big break from the “magical” and “revolutionary” world created by Apple, so here’s a bit of other news, the HTC HD2 has apparently once again sold out at T-Mobile store and through their online store front.

The initial launch of the device saw 21,000 of the 4.3-inch display devices fly off the shelf. The unit is one of the few Windows Mobile 6.5 devices to feature multi-touch capabilities and has been pushed big time by T-Mobile via magazine, internet and television ads over the last several months.

There’s no word when more units will arrive and T-Mobile reps are telling customers to try their luck at retail locations which may still have a few stray units laying around.

It also has hurt that Transformers 1 and 2 plus free Gogo WiFi have been loaded on many of the devices as an extra incentive to on the fence buyers.

I wouldn’t call the HTC HD2 Revolutionary and Magical, but it’s definitely not selling too bad considering an unlocked version has been out for well over 6 months. [Electronista]