Demi Moore 911 Police Call Released Friday, Will Be Edited

Following a 911 call that sent Demi Moore to the hospital following an alleged run-in with nitrous oxide contained in whip-it shots the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office has agreed to release the tape following their own review.

The 911 call made by a friend of Demi's will be edited in order to remove mention of Moore's medical condition or medications she may be prescribed. Officials worry that such information would violate privacy laws.

After being transported to the hospital Demi Moore's rep said she required "professional assistance" while dealing with a bout of "exhaustion" brought on by her busy schedule. Hours later news surfaced that she may have been doing whip-its, a popular high among teenagers and college students.

Demi Moore was believed to have had a seizure before the 911 call was made and she was rushed to the hospital.

One thing is for certain, Mrs. Moore has appeared frail in recent months to the point where questions have been raised about substance abuse and a possible bout of anorexia. Moore has been in the spotlight recently as her and husband Ashton Kutcher head towards divorce court, apparently because of his infidelities and her penchant for alleged substance abuse.

Family and friends quickly rushed to the actress/producers side and Moore's camp has not provide official information regarding her condition at this time.

Would you be surprised to learn that Demi Moore was put in the hospital for partaking in whip-its or some other form of seizure inducing drug during her frail state?