Cafe Customers Can Pay With A Kiss

Love is in the air in an Australian cafe, the love of a free cup of coffee. Metro St. James, throughout the month of June, is pushing the promotion, “Pay with a Kiss.”

Ah, three of my most favorite things: coffee, kissing, and free.

The proprietors describe the promotion on their official Facebook page as, “We’re bringing romance back! Take your partner to the café from 9 to 11 am in June and surprise them with a kiss when you order your coffee. We’re not accepting your money, just your kisses.”

Seriously, a genuine smooch will garner a cup of “coffee worth kissing for.”

Couples are not the only ones who can earn a free cup of java. Any able participant willing to pucker up and lip-lock with another person in line can get their cappuccino at no charge, and perhaps and interesting story or a date out of the deal.

The Metro St James’ (MSJ) website states the cafe – located in Sydney’s historic Hyde Park area – is a classic, relaxed bistro combining the best influences of Parisian and New York’s vibrant cafe cultures with Sydney’s natural beauty and urban chic, and offers a unique and comfortable atmosphere. They serve breakfast and lunch, coffee and other assorted beverages, take reservations, walk-ins, groups, take out, and have outdoor seating.

Perhaps I’m just a stereotypical blogger for saying it, but I love sitting outside while I drink my coffee – so long as it’s a pretty day and my laptop is behaving.

As promotions go it seems rather quaint and darling, encouraging affection and lighthearted folly in hopes of generating a little business buzz.

However, I think the mere suggestion of PDA for a cup of caffeinated brew in a US coffee shop would put a place out of business – either from a run on coffee or by the audaciously lewd reaches people will go to when publicly displaying affection.

[Image via Metro St James FB Pay with a Kiss Promotion]