Police Remove Tents, Arrest 11 People At Occupy Washington Site

Police on Saturday began removing the last of Occupy Washington's tends from McPherson Square while arresting 11 people who refused to following police orders.

McPherson Square was one of the few Occupy movement locations still left in the United States as many protesters have returned home for the winter and possibly for good.

U.S. Park Police spokesman David Schlosser revealed on Sunday that one of the men arrested was charged with felony assault on a police officer and assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly threw a brick at a police officer, hitting them in the face.

The officer was treated at a local hospital for the hit to the face and then released.

Three other protesters at Occupy Washington were also charged with assault on a police office.r

The park was deemed to have unsanitary conditions following the occupation of the area and officers were busy cleaning up the mess while reporting that the area remained mostly peaceful during their efforts.

Before tents were removed from the area protesters on Saturday night vowed to continue their efforts while urging others to join them in nonviolent demonstrations.

Do you think the closure of McPherson Square is more proof that the Occupy movement is drawing to a close or will protesters return to major cities they have largely abandoned when warning weather arrives in the Spring?