June 16, 2013
Gisele Bundchen Blames Patriots Receivers for Superbowl Loss

Supermodel and Super Wifey of Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, was not so close lipped when it came to who she thought should shoulder the blame for the Patriots 21-17 Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants. She told her friends that the blame lies with the receivers.

Amid the ridicule of heckling Giants fans, Gisele went over to an elevator after the game witg some freinds to go see Tom Brady.

While she was waiting she said to her friends,

"I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times. My husband can not f**king throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time."
The sad part about her little rant is she may have been partially correct. The receivers did drop the ball (pun intended) many times when it came to the crushing second loss to the Giants.

Brady was not the type to lay blame at any one player's feet. When asked about Wes Welker's potential game winning catch (which he dropped) Brady told the press that the two simply "failed to connect".

He then told the press of Welker,

"Wes is a phenomenal player and a teammate. I love that guy."
Bundchen did leave out quite a few details that had nothing to do with the receivers. She failed to mention the "Pass to No One that Brady threw on the first New England possession which drew an intentional grounding penalty and cost them two points on a safety. She forgot to mention that the whole team could not get their mojo working until they got to the second quarter and she definitely left out the fact that Brady's top tight end, Gronkowski was hurt an unable to play very well.

Bundchen took a lot of flack this week. First Versace announced a new ad campaign featuring Bundchen, which stole some of her husband's thunder. She was mocked for sending out an e-mail to all her friends asking them to pray for Tommy.

Do you think it was appropriate for Gisele Bundchen to mock the Patriots receivers?