‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams Hilariously Reacts To Red Wedding Episode

Maisie Williams, the young star of HBO’s hugely popular series, Game Of Thrones, has posted a hilarious Vine to her Twitter feed in reaction to the startling ending to this week’s episode, The Red Wedding.

The 16-year-old plays Arya Stark on the show, and she responded to the hugely exhilarating instalment by posting a video of herself online.

SPOLIER WARNING – The following features a variety of spoilers for Game Of Thrones, if you haven’t seen the most recent episode do not read ahead.

Williams posted a reaction to the revelation that her on-screen brother, Robb Stark, and her mother, Catelyn, had been murdered at the request of Lord Walder Frey. Also butchered was Robb Stark’s pregnant wife, Talisa, played by Oona Chaplin, as well as several of Stark’s bannerman and his direwolf.

The young actress then took to the web to post her reaction to the ordeal, posting on the video on the website, Vine. In an exaggerated American accent she proclaims, “They dead. Like so dead. Like OMG dead. My mother and brother are dead.”

Her character appeared too late to help out her relatives, and was then knocked unconscious before being escorted to safety be her escort, Sandor Clegane.

Michelle Fairley, who plays Catelyn, Ayra’s mother, on the show, has also been reacting to her character’s demise. She stated, “After the week of filming that whole sequence, when we wrapped on set and said goodbye to the crew it was very emotional, but I think all of [us] felt this huge achievement and relief in a way almost.”

She then added, “From my point of view and Richard’s there was incredible sadness because it was a combination of 3 years of work. Richard also confessed he was so emotional afterwards he went straight to the airport in Belfast, Northern Ireland to catch a flight so he could get back to his home in England.”

What did you think of the end of The Red Wedding in Game Of Thrones?