The Wizard Of Oz Gets IMAX 3D Release For The Fall

It was only a few months ago that we got a chance to see a whole new Oz up on the big screen. While Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great And Powerful made its own homage to the original 1939 film The Wizard Of Oz, the original is still looking to cash in on Raimi’s heels.

It’s been announced that the powers that be are releasing The Wizard of Oz out into theaters for a 3D experience in IMAX theaters. In addition, to celebrate the 75th anniversary in 2014, the upgraded version of The Wizard of Oz will hit theaters in the fall, and feature new sound and visuals. Following the theatrical re release fans of The Wizard of Oz can get their hands on a new addition of the film on DVD. This time around the re release is a 3D Blu-ray box set which will be released by Warner Bros.

The set is 4 discs in multi-format for any lover of The Wizard of Oz, and will be filled with a ton of extras, which include a huge booklet, pendants, and a map of Oz as well, in case you want to go searching for the man behind the curtain for yourself. The focus of the film’s restoration isn’t too surprising. While Raimi’s re-imagining of Oz brought the franchise back to relevancy, it’s also hot on the heels of other classic films that saw their own success from theatrical re-releases, like Titanic and Jurassic Park.

Is The Wizard of Oz worth seeing in 3D? We’re pretty leery about it. The original film wasn’t shot with the same ratio in mind, and stretching the frame for a glorious 3D effect, may blur the image. In addition, it’s almost impossible to have a real 3D effect in a film that has already been formatted. Although this seems to be a popular trend as of late, most films that are re released for 3D don’t pop as much, if at all, when compared to the newer films that are shooting in 3D.

Will you be seeing The Wizard of Oz in theaters?