Is Todd McShay just flapping his gums?

It is hard to make a living as a professional guesser. That is what being a NFL Draft pundit truly is. You take the best available evidence and make a guess as to what is going to happen. Trust me I write a NFL Draft column on three different websites, I know that I am dealing in conjecture, and that the best available evidence can change day to day sometimes hour to hour. Sometimes you make your best guess, and something happens an hour later that invalidates it all.

So to answer the questions yes Todd McShay is bumping his gums because that is his job. He is a professional NFL Draft guesser for that four letter network most sports fans loathe. There has been a lot of stories lately that NFL scouts and executives don't' like him, and that he went overboard in his criticism of Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen. However, if people are pissed at McShay he probably is doing his job, and doing it well.

Sports fans need to get it out of their heads that the NFL draft is science. It is not, it is guessing pure and simple. Think about it like this we have 32 rich eccentric old people gathering in New York to help improve their football teams. That group includes Al Davis and William Clay Ford Sr., and there is no way to predict what they are going to do. Davis might decide that drafting the Ford Motor Company to play Quarter Back is a good idea, and Ford Sr. might take him up on the offer.

Anyone who says they know that a team will do this in the draft is just lying. The really is the bottom line, NFL Draft pundits get paid a crap load of money to look at teams, see where their weaknesses are then find the player that best fits their need. However NFL teams are not always going to approach the draft that way. The public is to blame for this, because they insist on labeling people experts. Every draft pundit on the planet is wrong more often that they are right.

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