‘The Anna Nicole Story’ Trailer Drops [Video]

When Anna Nicole Smith died of a drug overdose in 2007 following the death of her son Daniel, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a film about the actreses’ life was bound to come. The death of a son, a newborn daughter, a shady lawyer/boyfriend, and too many drugged up episodes all proved to be a cliched tale Hollywood knew all too well, and was the perfect recipe for a biopic.

Five years later we have that biopic from none other than Lifetime. The biopic stars Agnes Bruckner as Anna Nicole Smith, and is directed under American Psycho’s Mary Harron.

The biopic is said to detail the tragic life and death of the model turned actress, and if it’s anything like Biography’s Liz & Dick, we can expect excitement to crop up all over again about the circumstances of Anna Nicole Smith’s death.

Today the trailer for the film titled The Anna Nicole Story has been released, which is only a few weeks before its airing on June 29. The trailer already spells out the trappings of a made for TV biopic. For no certain reason, the trailer opens to the signature song from the film Fame, and it promises banal headlines, “Her shocking end. From the beginning.”

There’s a whole lot of not-so-subtle imagery in the trailer. As Bruckner poses for the camera the way Anna Nicole Smith would, her career is certainly thrown into the background of this trailer. Instead her downfall is what was chosen to be highlighted in this first look, with a shot of pills in every other frame, and a drugged up Anna Nicole stumbling around. From the trailer it’s easy to deduce that this film will be devoid of tact.

Although it’s way too early to call it on Bruckner’s performance it looks like a performance overwrought in the same Lifetime dramatics we’re used to. She’s screaming, crying, passing out, and smiling all for the cameras, showing extreme highs and lows of Anna Nicole Smith’s personality, which came under scrutiny and fascination.

Will you be watching The Anna Nicole Story?