Sarah Jessica Parker Not Dead

The fake celebrity death circuit took a break over the Northern winter, but now as things warm up so do fake deaths, and today’s fake is “Sarah Jessica Parker is dead.”

The Sarah Jessica Parker is dead rumor surfaced yesterday (April 1) and claims that she “fell to her death” in the early hours of Wednesday.

Because these rumors rarely make sense, she apparently fell to her death in a car accident (cliff maybe??) and husband Matthew Broderick, and their seven year old son, James Wilke Broderick were also in the car. Sarah Jessica Parker and James Wilke Broderick are alleged to have died on the spot, with Matthew Broderick was taken to the Cedars Sinai Hospital in a critical state.

We’re only giving this a two out of ten on the fake celebrity death scale. Just for the record, Sarah Jessica Parker is not dead, Sarah Jessica Parker has not died, nothing more to say here.