High School Names Two Boys Cutest Couple, Yearbook Photo Goes Viral

Two teenage boys at Carmel High School in New York were voted the class of 2013’s cutest couple.

According to WRIC, this is the first time that a gay couple has been named the cutest couple at the NY High School.

Dylan Meehan, 18, and Brady Taylor, 17, have received a little bit of internet fame after their high school yearbook photo started circulating online.

Meehan said: “Yeah, our friends are giving it to us about being Internet famous.”

The photo was posted by a friend to Tumblr page and has already been viewed more than 100,000 times.

A message on I’m Always Singing reads: “Two of my best friends won Cutest Couple of our senior class. First time in my school history a same sex couple has even been able to run for this category, not to mention winning it. So proud of them, and my school.”

Taylor said that it was a little strange to think that hundreds of thousands of people were sharing his photo but said that he was proud to represent the LGBT community.

Taylor said: “The thought of a photo of us traveling throughout the world would be a bit frightening, but now we are proud to be part of the LGBT community.”

Principal Kevin Carroll said that the school stresses tolerance but added that gay students have never been much of an issue at Carmel. Still, Carroll said that he was hesitant to award the cutest couple award to two gay teens because he was worried about a possible hate crime. Carroll and the rest of the staff checked with the boys and their parents to make sure that it was OK to post the photo in the yearbook.

Meehan’s mother, Diane Maher, said: “My concern always is for his safety… He’s in a healthy, positive relationship. They encourage each other to do well.”

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