Oklahoma Senate Passes "Personhood" Bill, Declares When Life Starts

The Oklahoma Senate passed the Personhood Act on Thursday which declares that life begins at the moment of conception. The bill was passed in a landslide 34-8 vote after two hours of debate.

While pro-choice opponents are worried about the effects the act will have on abortion laws the author of the bill claims it's just a statement of life that doesn't attempt to ban or restrict abortion rights. The author also claims that the Personhood Act also doesn't attempt to stop access to birth control or prevent the use of stem cells for research purposes.

In defending their act the author tells the Oklahoman that anyone who claims the bill is attempting to remove a women's right to choose is simply "fear mongering."

The Oklahoma Personhood Act gained national attention after Democrat Constance Johnson introduced a tongue-in-cheek amendment to the act against the unborn for men to waste sperm.

While Constance says her amendment was "humorous" she also reveals, "I was serious as a heart attack. … Maybe nobody in this chamber gets it but somebody heard that all we're asking for is for this conversation to include both individuals that are necessary to bring life about."

The amendment has been tabled and in the meantime a similar personhood bill is being worked through the Virginia legislature.

Do you think the Personhood Act in Oklahoma is going to ultimately be used against pro-choice and birth control supporters because of it's focus on the time when life beging or is it simply a statement of conception as the author claims?

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