Cameron D’Ambrosio Teen Terror Rapper Case Will Go Forward, DA Says

Cameron D’Ambrosio, the so-called teen terror rapper who was arrested after an expletive-filled Facebook rant about how he’d outdo the Boston bombing, is still in jail over a month after his May 1 arrest. The 18-year-old, currently being held on charges that he threatened to commit an act of terrorism, appeared in court again on Monday.

Facebook has since removed the posts in questions, but they were captured by local news source The Valley Patriot. In their screenshot of the Facebook post, D’Ambrosio said:

“All you haters keep my f***** name outcha mouths, got it? what the f*** do I gotta do to get some props and s*** huh? Ya’ll wanme to f*****g kill somebody?…when u see me f***** go insane and make the news…Don’t f****** cry…f*** a boston bominb wait till u see the s*** i do…”

There’s more, and if you’re not offended by frank language and want to see the whole thing for yourself, I recommend that you visit The Patriot.

In his Monday district court appearance, D’Ambrosio heard prosecutors argue for a further delay before they file an indictment. Judge James Barretto granted the delay for up to 30 days, so the alleged teen terror rapper will remain in jail until the next hearing on June 27.

Defense attorney Geoffrey DuBosque argued again that D’Ambrosio should be set free. The Facebook post was a rant, not a threat. D’Ambrosio didn’t make an explicit threat to do anything anywhere to anyone.

He was simply being obnoxious, like many another wannabe rapper.

Frankly, I tend to agree. In my previous report on the teen rapper’s case, I posted a video to give you a better read on Cameron D’Ambrosio. At the time of writing, the video is still live, and it seems to show a kid just being a kid.

Maybe I’m naive, but I just can’t find it in myself to take this guy seriously as a terrorist.

The police to date haven’t reported finding any explosives or anything else he could use to create a genuine act of terror.

So far, the most dangerous weapon we’ve seen from D’Ambrosio is his own ability to shoot off his mouth — and the person he seems to have hurt the most is himself.

Supporters who want to get D’Ambrosio out of jail have organized a petition and a Facebook page to pressure the court to release him.

I tend to think if the prosecutors can’t come up with better evidence than some bad lyrics, they’re right.

What’s your take on so-called teen terror rapper Cameron D’Ambrosio?

Cameron D'Ambrosio Teen Terror Rapper update

[Cameron D’Ambrosio photo via YouTube]

[crowds celebrate capture of Boston Bomber photo by Grk1011 via Wikimedia Commons]