California Wildfire Over 60 Percent Contained

Southern California wildfires are reportedly over 60 percent contained. The hard work of firefighters, along with high humidity, has helped contain the fire that threatened to destroy thousands of homes.

The destructive blaze, named “The Powerhouse Fire,” is responsible for the destruction of 32,000 acres of land and six homes. Three people have reported injuries due to the blaze.

Mandatory evacuation orders remain in place in the Antelope Acres community. However, residents of Lake Elizabeth and Lake Hughes have been allowed to return to their homes.

As reported by CNN, the firefighters battled the California wildfire using a “direct attack,” concentrating on specific hot spots. Helicopters patrolled the perimeter, dropping flame retardant and water, in an effort to prevent further spreading.

Commander Norm Walker has stated that the humid conditions have contributed to the containment and have improved conditions considerably.

As the Southern California wildfire is now largely contained, wildfires in New Mexico threaten Native American archaeological sites. The “Thompson Ridge” fire continues to gain momentum in hot, dry, and windy conditions.

As reported by Reuters, the fire has changed direction and is heading directly toward historically significant archaeological sites. US Forest Service spokeswoman Dana Howlett has stated that the Valles Caldera National Preserve is a major concern.

The preserve is the location of six volcanic mounds. Historically, the area was frequented by several Native American tribes who used the grounds for hunting. Additionally, the land is the site of several historical clashes between the Native Americans and the US Army. The land is especially significant to the Zia Pueblo tribe.

Also threatened by the Thompson Ridge blaze are several communities including Compton Valley, Elk Valley, and Rancho de la Cueva.

There are currently 12 major wildfires burning across the US. Five of the fires are in Alaska. The fires threaten wildlife, numerous acres of land, communities, and lives.

The latest California wildfire is largely contained thanks to the relentless work of firefighters, and humid conditions. However, at least 11 other major fires continue to rage nationwide, threatening major destruction.

[Image via Wikimedia]