‘Deus Ex: The Fall’ Drops Teaser Trailer [Video]

Deus Ex: The Fall now has a teaser trailer.

The game that won critical acclaim for its blend of first-person shooter, role-playing, and stealth elements is getting yet another installment. Deus Ex was a cyber-punk title originally released for PC, later on Mac, and eventually on the PlayStation 2. It was set in the dystopian future of 2052 and followed United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition rookie agent J.C. Denton as he took on baddies in an increasingly chaotic world.

Deus Ex was so popular that it spawned not only a sequel but a prequel as well. Deus Ex: The Invisible War was released in late 2003 for PC and Xbox. The prequel, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, hit all the major consoles and platforms including the Wii U in 2011.

The prequel introduced the four “pillars of gameplay,” between which you could switch at any time. Combat, Stealth, Hacking, and Social added different elements to the way Deus Ex: Human Revolution was played, once again pushing the element of choice, something we hope they continue in Deus Ex: The Fall.

In a move that may have been inspired by BioShock, the prequel put a lot of focus on physical enhancements (augmentations), granting super human abilities through the use of technological modification.

Nothing is known yet about Deus Ex: The Fall, whether it’s a sequel or another prequel, but the teaser trailer confirms that it’s on its way, and that the title has been decided on. The teaser is simply a 3D rendering of the title, which rotates as the voice-over says, “Are we ready to begin?” It also adds the date, “5/6/13,” which was around this time last month, or, if you switch the first two numbers so the month is in the middle, it turns out to be tomorrow, June 5, 2013.

Apparently more details about Deus Ex: The Fall will be revealed tomorrow, the same day as the next push for the “No DRM” campaign as previously reported in The Inquisitr.

Are you excited about the next game in the series, Deus Ex: The Fall?