Vine For Android Finally Available [Vine]

Vine for Android long (in tech measures) languished on the … uh, “coming soon” list, but the addictive six-second video app has finally joined the Google Play store so droid users can get in on the fun.

The Vine for Android app is available free for non-iPhone users now, too, and the timing couldn’t be better — I just got a Samsung Galaxy S4 last weekend, woo! After spending a few days fruitlessly searching the Play Store for Android’s version of Vine, I discovered that in my iPhone bubble, I’d not noticed its iPhone only status.

But with an adorably Vine-y animation (presented as a Vine, of course) of the little green Android mascot swinging on vines, the new non-iPhone version was announced Monday morning.

On Android, Vine remains much the same as the app rapidly gaining traction with iPhone users — more than 13 million so far.

In the new release, iOS standard features are about the same, including the newly added functionality allowing users to zoom in on videos.

As the app is enhanced, front-facing shooting ability, Facebook connectivity, and search are planned for the Vine for Android app.

Over at Mashable, Lance Ulanoff tested Vine for Android and stacked it up against the iPhone version, noting which key features hadn’t yet hit the newly released droid version:

“Unlike Vine for iPhone, Vine for Android can’t yet use the front-facing camera, and there is no way to tag people or add hashtags (which you can still do by hand, of course) … Processing your Vine video is also a bit slower, at least for me, than on the iPhone platform (I have, by the way, created Vines on both an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 5).”

Despite a comparatively sparse initial app, it seems Vine for Android is destined to be as much as a hit as the iPhone version has been. Have you gotten hooked on Vine yet?