Twitter not working for one in five credit unions

Twitter is a strange beast. I have my periods where I get involved pass just using to announce my posts from various blogs or neat stuff I've found but there are time (like recently) where I won't even open up my Twitter client to see what is going on; and this is someone who used it a lot.

Then there are those who joined because it was the cool thing to do or they heard that their favorite celebrity was hanging out on Twitter. Primarily though it seems to be more marketing these days than anything else (in my opinion anyway) but it also seems that some types of businesses are discovering that the luster of Twitter is fading.

The Financial Brand has a new study that highlights one of these groups of businesses: the credit unions where one in five has apparently given up on their Twitter accounts and let them fall by the wayside.

The study looked at 350 activated Twitter accounts; which they determined to be those that had uploaded a photo, sent at least one tweet, and had at least one follower, of credit unions across the United States. This represents 5% of all credit unions and 10% of those on Twitter.

The credit unions studied were active for an average of 2.2 years – plenty of time to create a stellar Twitter presence. And yet 74 of the 350 had abandoned their accounts.

Most credit unions aren’t exactly chatty when it comes to Twitter: the average number of tweets sent per credit union was 440, which equals out to about 0.6 per day. However, the most active account had sent a total of 3,889 tweets as of the time of the study, which equals about 5.3 per day.

Credit unions follow an average of 292 accounts, but 12 of them follow none – and one follows a whopping 10,858 Twitter users.

via All Twitter

As with all things this breaks down into some simple rules. Twitter will work for some and it won't work for other but more importantly you only really get out of it what you are willingly to actively put into it.