5 videogame-themed April Fools stories

We all know what today was and, true to form, the gaming press have come up with some decent April Fools pranks this year. Five of my faves are below:

1. Sony to release “PlayStation: Scent”: With the motion-sensing PlayStation Move controller coming later this year, Sony is now targeting your nose with the PlayStation: Scent, “a revolutionary technology that allows scent information to be recorded onto Blu-Ray discs.” That’s pretty implausible, but the idea of using smells in videogames isn’t so far out. A big, fat “A+” for the PhotoShop fakery, chaps. [Webhallen, via Joystiq]

2. BlizzCon 2010 has sold out… before tickets go on sale: If you thought tickets to Blizzard’s annual love-in dried up quickly in 2009, you’ll need a flux capacitor-equipped DeLorean and a wire-haired mad scientist friend to get in this year. [INCGamers]

3. The Halo movie is REAL: Or perhaps not. The mocked-up trailer below is reportedly for the abandoned (but now “revived”) Halo film, and comes from IGN, previously famous for its impressive fake Zelda movie trailer (see that here). [IGN]

4. Forthcoming strategy titleCivilisation V to get “Extreme Diplomacy” game mode: Included in this list for this image alone: [Via press release]

5. Nintendo games on iPad!!!!1!1!!!11: But seriously, how utterly rubbish would an on-screen Wiimote be? “Very rubbish” is the correct answer. [PlaySwitch, via Joystiq]