3,000 Evacuated As Multiple Fires Rage On [Video]

Nearly 3000 people have evacuated as a wildfire dubbed, “The Powerhouse Fire,” raged through southern California over the past few days.

This fire was reportedly broke out Thursday just north of Powerhouse No. 1, a hydroelectric plant near the Los Angeles Aqueduct.

As of today, many of the evacuated people are still not being allowed back to their homes or what’s left of them in many cases.

This wildfire is responsible for scorching about 29,000 acres, destroying at least six homes, and threatening many more as firefighters still work to contain the flames.

As of Monday, June 3, 2013 the fire was contained at about 40 percent as firefighters fought against high winds and dry conditions. Throughout the day some relief came as moist, humid air moved in.

Los Angeles County Fire Captain Mike McCormick told CNN, “We want to take advantage of the high humidity, get in there and do a direct attack and do all we can to get some of these hot spots put out so it doesn’t spread anymore.”

As to predictions of when the fire will finally be out, and it will be safe for residents to return to their homes, that is still unclear.

If weather conditions continue, firefighters are optimistic that the fires won’t get any worse and will give them the chance to take better advantage of the situation.

They are hoping to have the fires completely put out by the middle of the week and hope to allow residents back into their homes by Tuesday.

Check out the video below to see how some residents are coping with the wildfires:

The Powerhouse Fire isn’t the only one raging on. A wildfire located in New Mexico known as the Tres Lagunas Fire is believed to have been caused by a downed power line.

According to CNN, the fire is about five percent contained and is responsible for scorching about 8,000 acres and forced the evacuation of about 100 summer homes.

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