‘Fast And Furious 6’ Continues To Dominate At The Box Office

Fast and Furious 6, or simply Fast 6, continues its domination at the box office for the second weekend in a row.

The car chase movie is expected to bring an additional $34.5 million in revenues to the North American market and $75 million internationally.

The film opened to record breaking numbers for Universal Studios this past Memorial Day weekend when it brought in $120 million. It has also done extremely well in the foreign markets with sales of $310.2 million. The total domestic for Fast 6 is $170.4 million.

This is unusual for sixth installments in any franchise, and it has given Universal its best opening ever in the United Kingdom. It is not surprising since the film was shot in London among other locations.

The Hangover Part III, the last in the comedy series, which opened on the same weekend as Fast 6 has disappointed with its weak showing. So far, it has collected $88.1 million domestically and $110.7 million internationally. Warner Bros. is hoping that international markets that are yet to show the film will bring in more revenue.

The big flop this week was Will Smith’s new sci-fi movie in which he stars with his son Jaden: After Earth. The results so far are more than disappointing and very surprising considering that Smith is usually a name that brings in large number of viewers to the movie theaters. The movie opened in third place.

After Earth brought in a dismal $27 million domestically and $2.6 million on the international markets. Sony Pictures Entertainment spent almost $150 million producing the film. The movie has not been well received by critics. Will Smith also wrote the script and produced the film.

Now You See Me was the surprise of the week coming in at second place with $28.1 million, and ,considering it had half the budget that After Earth did and had no big names attached to it, this is definitely unexpected. Now You See Me brought in $600,000 internationally.

The non-stop action vehicular warfare obviously hasn’t begun to bore movie viewers with Fast and Furious 6 at the top of the box office once again in the US this weekend.