Torrent sites sends RIAA condoms for the next time they want to screw the consumer

When it comes to downloadable music and movies torrent sites are almost guaranteed to attract the attention of trade group bullies like the RIAA and MPAA. It is a pressure that has been growing over the years as these trade groups will use whatever tactics they can to shut these sites down and at the same time cause as much financial pain to the consumer as possible.

Most recently we have gotten news that one of the premier NZB indexing sites has lost a court battle that was brought against them in Britain by the entertainment industry and their trade groups. Another one has been ordered by a US court to remove all offending links.

It is an on-going battle but even with all the hostilities it is great to see one torrent site hasn’t lost its sense of humor. Word from the TorrentFreak blog is that Russian torrent site decided to have a little bit of fun and sent out six packages to the leading anti-piracy groups that are meant to let them know that try as hard as they can these anti-piracy groups aren’t going to win in the long run.

The packages contain a local Russian braind of Vizit Overture aroma flavored condoms a long with a notes that says “We wish your parents had used it.”

The team behind Vector told Ernesto from TorrentFreaks that this was meant as a joke but the message was sincere.

The people behind Vertor informed TorrentFreak that their action is a joke, but one with a clear message. “I’m sure that every one of us would want to say something like this to these bloodsuckers, but not everyone has the opportunity to be heard,” an anonymous source from the Vertor team said.

The condom shipments were sent out yesterday are expected to arrive within a day at the anti-piracy offices.

All I can say is …. way to go guys.