Netbooks are dead in the water, and it’s not iPad’s fault

I will now burn in hell for using such an obvious hyperbolic title to try and get your attention as we try to bring you news, any news, that isn’t about stupid April Fool’s attempts at humor or about the coming tsunami of iPad regurgitation. So I figured that maybe some late breaking and extremely important news about the state of the netbook market might be of interest.


Ya those incredibly small wannabe laptops that are responsible for more hand cramping than an evening of teasing at a strip bar. Mind you they have about the same size screen as the iPad is reported to have so really as a good friend of mine would say – why spend all that money on one single iPad that is sure to cause even more hand cramping when you could instead get 6 Acer netbooks and have a party of hand cramping.

However as we all prepared to be rolled over by the yummy goodness of the iPad it appears that both Dell and HP are concerned about both the coming of the iPad and the current glut of netbooks that they say exist.

How concerned?

Well according to DigiTimes concerned enough that they are pulling resources from the netbook market and quite possibly vacating it altogether.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Dell have both significantly reduced their investments in the 10-inch netbook segment, with HP reportedly even considering quitting the 10-inch netbook market and turning its focus to AMD-based 11.6-inch notebooks because profits from Intel Pine Trail-based netbooks have been lower than expected, according to sources from notebook makers.

I’m not sure if this was part of Jobs’ world domination plans but I’m willing to bet he’ll take any victories where he can get them.

[this post while using liberal amounts of tongue and cheek does contain a kernel of truth unlike a lot of so-called April Fool’s posts]