Texas English Teacher Has Sex With Mentor Student

A Texas English teacher had sex with a student she was supposed to be mentoring.

An English teacher in Texas has been accused of having sex with a student she said she was mentoring. Kelly Ann Garcia, 29, was summoned to court on Thursday to face charges arising from her indecent behavior with the student.

KHOU reports that the English teacher had been meeting a 16-year-old Hastings High School student after school dismissal despite not being her assigned mentor. Kelly Ann Garcia had claimed she was meeting with the student to work on a school project. Instead, they were really getting to know each other personally.

The two had met through a mutual friend and developed a relationship behind closed doors at the student’s home under the guise of tutoring.

On March 21, Kelly Ann Garcia allegedly took the victim to Starbucks and revealed an erotic dream she had about her. A week later, the student had received a text from Garcia saying that she and her boyfriend had broken up. The very next day, the two had met and engaged in a passionate round of kissing.

Over the following weeks, the relationship escalated and the intimacy grew with it. One day, Texas English teacher Kelly Ann Garcia took the female student to a store specializing in sex toys, went to the student’s home, and the two had sex.

Prosecutor Markay Stroud told the local news that, “The allegation is that they did in fact drive to a store and purchase a sex toy and drive back to the defendant’s apartment where they engaged in sex.”

The student bragged to classmates about her sexual encounter with Kelly Ann Garcia, after which her mother told local news concerning the Texas English teacher, “She seemed nice at the time. She said she wanted to mentor my daughter, and I took her for her word. Now I’m just not as trusting in people.”

The Texas English teacher Kelly Ann Garcia has been arrested on charges of sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child.

What would you do if you discovered a teacher claiming to mentor your child was indeed having sex with him or her? Do you think Texas English teacher Kelly Ann Garcia got off easy?