Reddit Breakup Letter Goes Viral, Jilted Girlfriend Creates Revenge Scavenger Hunt

Kim LaCapria

Another Reddit breakup post has gone viral, and unlike last week's allegedly cheating girlfriend spotted on a move-out of shame on Google Maps, this time a reportedly philandering boyfriend was rewarded for his perfidy with a game that was likely more fun for the letter writer than him ... if it happened at all.

The thing with Reddit breakup posts like the Google Maps girlfriend and this satisfying to read yet unverifiable letter from a cheated upon girl is that we really have no way of telling if they're legit.

It's rare anyone gets to young adulthood without having their heart spectacularly stepped upon at least once, and seeing these images -- of someone getting what is described as the last say at someone who terribly wronged them -- is a way of vicariously righting those wrongs in our own pasts.

This week's viral breakup tale comes unsigned from a Reddit user, in a handwritten note explaining to the guy who allegedly propositioned other girls on the sly via Facebook where he can now find all his prized possessions.

Starting "Hi, Honey," the letter goes on to explain how the nameless letter writer discovered her boyfriend's duplicity, and details where she hid his things:

"Guess who left his Facebook open on the computer and got a message from Kelsi? Yeah! You! ... I even invented a neat game since I know you like looking for other things, (like other girls!) ... while I didn't break or damage anything, I can't guarantee anybody else won't find it."

The poster goes on to suggest that his clothing, TV, and laptop are located at places the pair experienced milestones in happier times -- such as a first kiss.

But the mementos, she says, are all over at Kelsi's house, according to the letter, which ends "Happy Hunting!"

Do you think the Reddit breakup letter recipient deserved his fate if he cheated with Kelsi, or are these kinds of breakups not worth taking the low road?

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