Texas Rep. Stockman Asks Democrats If Rape Victims Should Carry Guns

Texas Representative Steve Stockman has a reputation for being a little forward when it comes to his rhetoric on hot-button political issues. But whether you consider him fearless or offensive, the man sticks to his guns with a recent tweet raising a few eyebrows this week.

A tweet from Rep. Steve Stockman’s official Twitter account posted Friday read: “Democrats calling our office today to argue women should not be allowed to defend themselves with a gun if they are raped #WarOnWomen.”

The reason? Democrats called his Texas office last week in order to advocate for stricter gun control laws. Stockman, not being terribly fond of tighter gun control measures, apparently has his staffers on standby to flame these inquirers right back in the event of a gun control call.

One of the congressman’s staffers apparently shot right back at these Democratic callers with the question: “Should women be able to use guns to defend themselves against rapists?”

The Huffington Postplaced an email to Stockman asking him about the calls, and were told that a few “Democratic cranks” who live outside of his district had been phoning in to “complain about people owning guns.”

“When we asked if women should be allowed to carry a gun to fend off a rapist, they all said no,” said Donny Ferguson, a senior adviser to the congressman. “They apparently believe rapists are morally superior to gun owners.”

Yikes! They also asked Ferguson to clarify what he meant by “Democratic cranks.”

“Just the kind of people who call an office to complain because they saw something on a left-wing website. Our own constituents are much nicer,” he said.

What do you think of Steve Stockman’s tweet? Is he asking a loaded question, or does he have a point? Sound off!