GIFs Reflect Game Of Thrones Audience Reaction [Spoilers]

Emma Flint

The latest Game of Thrones episode "Red Wedding" has caused numerous GIFs to flood Internet feeds to reflect viewers' reactions. It has had such a powerful response that a whole Tumblr page is devoted to the episode. The HBO series is known for its whiplash story lines; however, the latest episode has overwhelmed fans due to hiding the unsettling, gut wrenching truth from the viewers by creating a false sense of security. If you've missed the episode and want to avoid spoilers, cover your eyes now.

The tragic turn of events sees the Stark family suffering yet another blow as Robb and Catelyn Stark were killed by Walder Frey, all because Robb backed out of an oath to marry one of Frey's daughters. The graphic scenes of Talisa being murdered has caused TV fans the most heartbreak.

Of course, anyone who has read the books knew this shocker was coming. Fans on Reddit have been waiting for ages to see the Internet become overrun with distort and upset fans; they've sat like calculated villains watching and waiting for their day to come. Websites like Tumblr must have caused them to squeal with delight. The two separated groups of fans has once again sparked the age old debate of Game of Thrones book fans versus non-book fans. One avid book fan had this to say about the series:

"This is the worst time of year, I know after next week's finale I'm going to be really sad for the next 10 months waiting for new episodes. Probably a good time to reread the series...may have to skip the red wedding this time though."

The funny thing is they know what's coming when the series returns -- they can even have their GIF reactions ready. Poor non-book fans will have to deal with being left with the unknown and then another emotional assault once the new series begins. Games of Thrones really does separate the "men from the boys" with its rollercoaster story lines and characters.

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