Taco Bell Worker Caught Licking Shells, Own Photograph Proves Their Guilt

Thanks to the wonders of social networking, a Taco Bell worker has been caught licking taco shells at one of the company’s fast food locations. A male worker for the fast food giant, who obviously missed health and safety and hygiene lessons, has become the center of unwanted media attention after he foolishly posted a picture of himself licking a huge stack of tacos.

In an attempt to lighten the backlash that has already surrounded this questionable photograph, one Facebook commenter defended the employees decision to lick the food by claiming that the tacos were destined for the trash can and not human consumption. That excuse, however, is of little or no comfort when there’s no picture, or in fact any form of evidence, to back up that story. Furthermore, with Taco Bell refusing the comment on the taco licking employee, there seems no end in sight.

This latest food disaster isn’t the first time employees have decided against their better judgement and posted pictures online. In April, a KFC worker posted photographs of herself licking mash potato, not to mention the disturbing pictures of a Taco Bell employee urinating into a taco shell last August. Both employees were immediately dismissed, which would seem the most obvious outcome for the latest food atrocity.

Worries over fast food always linger at the back of people’s minds thanks to the horror stories from other food chains such as McDonalds, who have stated that it is a human right for their employees to not wash their hands. Such unhygienic behavior can spell the end for many businesses, though most well established, long standing food companies don’t have to worry about whether they can survive such as scandal.

Recent revelations against Taco Bell are sure to hound the fast food giant for some time; however, hopefully future employees will take notice and avoid posting such pictures in the future. The number of comments and likes you can generate doesn’t justify risking other people’s hygiene and your own job.

[Image via Steven DePolo, Wikimedia Commons]