June 16, 2013
Star Wars: The Old Republic Going Free-to-Play for the Weekend

If you still haven't checked out BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic, the company announced today that it will be offering new players the chance to play the MMO over the weekend entirely free of charge.

Individuals who wish to take part in BioWare's "Weekend Pass" event for SWTOR will be able to do so starting Thursday, March 15 at 12:01 AM CDT. You'll have to get in fast, however, as the free-to-play period is set to end Monday, March 19th at 2:00 AM CDT.

BioWare says that gamers will be able to download the client and play without any payment information required, but it should be noted that this offer extends only to those who don't have a current or lapsed subscription.

According to BioWare, participants who take part in SWTOR's free-to-play weekend will be able to "experience the opening adventures of each of the eight character classes in the game, exploring both their Origin World and their faction’s Capital World."

Individuals will also be able to partake in PVP Warzones, "or join up with friends and play through a couple of early faction-specific Flashpoints in the game, The Esseles and The Black Talon." For more information on how to get started, head over to this link.

Have you tried Star Wars: The Old Republic yet? If not, do you plan on checking it out during the free-to-play weekend?