Student Reprimanded For Knife Fight Breakup, Told Not To Play The Hero

As we see a student reprimanded for a knife fight breakup without the oversight of teachers, the student’s parents are claiming foul.

When a student at Sir John A. Macdonald was watching one kid bullying another, the bully reportedly grabbed the victim in a headlock and claimed to have a knife.

While the student, whose name is Briar MacLean, did not see the knife, he believed he heard a deployable blade snapping into position. So the student intervened in the struggle, driving off the bully, without first going to teachers, who were nowhere to be found nearby.

“It was just to help the other kid so he wouldn’t get hurt,” said Briar MacLean.

No cuts, no stab wounds, and no need to call an ambulance – all thanks to a kid who chose to act rather than cower or run. But Briar MacLean’s reward was a day in the office, with the student reprimanded for the knife fight breakup. MacLean was removed from the other students and given a stern lecture about not playing the hero.

Police have since confirmed that there was an incident involving a knife. The student with the knife has apparently been suspended and police are still investigating, meaning charges have not been ruled out.

The student reprimanded for the knife fight breakup was left to believe he’s done something wrong – though thankfully, he says he’d do it all over again.

Now his mom Leah O’Donnell is fighting back against the school’s reprimanding her son for the knife fight breakup, saying, “Students shouldn’t be taught that sticking up for others is wrong. When did we decide as a society to allow our children to grow up without spines? Without a decent sense of the difference between right and wrong?”

With a student reprimanded for a knife fight breakup, do you think the school was in the wrong?