‘Extra Long’ Test Drive Lands Florida Man Behind Bars

Authorities arrested a man in Central Florida last week after he reportedly took one of a car dealership’s vehicles out for a test drive, and never came back.

According to the Ocala Star-Banner, Lloyd Edward Kraft walked into Prestige Auto in Belleview, Florida Friday and asked to test drive a red 1997 Ford F-250.

After giving the dealership his license and phone number, the 67-year-old Kraft was handed the keys to the truck.

A dealership employee initially followed Kraft along during the test drive but at some point got separated and lost sight of the truck.

After three hours, the dealership realized Kraft probably didn’t just stop off at a mechanic to have the car checked out — a practice that is apparently common for individuals buying a used car.

Upon several failed attempts to reach Kraft at the phone number he had given (which later was discovered to be fake), the dealership alerted authorities.

Eventually, a Marion County Sheriff’s deputy spotted Kraft and pulled him over.

Though he admitted keeping the truck longer than he should have, Kraft claimed he was using the vehicle for work and planned to return it to the dealership.

“I wasn’t out to steal any truck. It’s a honest misunderstanding,” Kraft said, offering the fact that he put $10 worth of gas into the vehicle’s tank as proof of his claims.

lloyd kraft test drive mug shot

When asked why he provided a false phone number, Kraft chalked the mistake up to old age, saying it was wrong because he forgot some of the digits.

Despite his story, Kraft is facing grand theft auto charges.

He was taken to the Marion County Jail and he has no bond.