South Jersey Mayor Admits To Lying About Vietnam Service

A South Jersey mayor on Tuesday night admitted that he lied about his vietnam war service when his military record was called into question.

Stafford Township Mayor John Spodofora admitted to his lie during a Tuesday township committee meeting. During his apology the mayor in no uncertain terms said hi "feet were not in Vietnam."

Reading from a written statement Spodofora said that he "said and implied things" that should not have been implied. He then apologized to township Republican Club President Martha Kremer. It was Kremer who raised questions about the mayor's military record after she announced that she would run for office.

In officially obtained military records it clearly shows that Spodofora served in the Navy from 1966 through 1973 and at that time the 66-year-old was a cryptographer for the armed forces.

During his active duty the Stafford Township mayor was assigned to an office or submarine in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

While speaking of his military past Mayor Spodofora said much of his duty with the Navy was listed as classified.

It's still not clear if any action will be taken against the mayor at this time, however it's likely that Martha Kremer will have a new point of attack during her run for office.

Do you think Mayor Spodofora should resign from his post or was his apology enough to let the issue go?