Exclusive: Duncan Riley To Run For Australian Minister

The Inquisitr editor in chief and CEO Duncan Riley is running for Australian minister post at the next election. According to the latest rumors the 34 year old blogger will take a shot as Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy in the Rude Labor Government. Duncan has been a member of the Australian Political Party since 1999 and is according to several sources the golden child of the party.

In a statement released on the Australian Political Portal Duncan says:

“Won’t anyone think of the children? We need to protect the children. As, hopefully, new head of the Ministry of Waffling, my prime concern will be how we can protect the users of the internet against the internet.” He continues, ” today there are so many dangerous things on the internet. I’ve heard about people spending up to 35 minutes a day during their working hours managing a virtual farm on Facebook. I’m not sure our children or adults are ready to manage virtual live stock, crops and farm buildings. As minister of the internet I will issue several user-protective shields on the Australian internet.”

When asked if shields isn’t just another word for filters Riley responds: “I have no comment on that. You will have to talk to Stephen Colbert or Connery or what’s his face, my soon to be predecessor”.

Personal comment: I smell waffles. Sorry Duncan, but I do.


(Picture credit rich115. Some say it was taken at the press conference)