IRS Agent Looked For A New Job, Was Disturbed By Targeted Probe Against Conservatives

The IRS’ targeted attack against conservatives was enough to send Cincinnati Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent running for the doors.

The unnamed agent began looking for a new job way back in July 2010 when he realized the agency was specifically targeting right-wing citizens and conservative-leaning businesses.

Speaking to the Daily Mail the agent revealed:

“It was the whole tea party. It was the whole picture. I mean, it was micromanagement. The fact that the subject area was extremely sensitive and it was something that I didn’t want to be associated with.”

It wasn’t just the fact that the IRS was targeting specific groups that caused the IRS employee to quit but also the fact that the agency tried to turn two “rogue agents” into scapegoats for the entire scandal.

The former IRS agent notes:

“I mean, rogue agent? Even though I was taking all my direction from EO Technical [the Exempt Organizations technical office in Washington, D.C.], I didn’t want my name in the paper for being this rogue agent for a project I had no control over.”

The IRS, in the meantime, is coming under new fire for allegedly spending $50 million on lavish IRS agent conferences from 2010 through 2012. The conferences included presidential suites that easily ranged from $1,500 to $3,500 per night.

With taxpayer money going out the door to pay for lavish conferences and certain groups being directly targeted it looks as if the IRS is facing an uphill battle over its already tarnished and never really liked image.

Do you think the IRS agents decision to quit only furthers the spotlight on the IRS and its inability to remain an impartial tax agency?