2009 NFL Draft one year later: Oakland Raiders

If you ever wanted to know why the Oakland Raiders have gone from one of the most respected NFL Franchises, to the laughing stock that they are today, it is decisions made, like the ones made last year at the NFL draft , that have ruined this franchise. Al Davis hire a General Manger already, dude this draft looks worse a year later. They reached way past two quality wide outs, to draft a guy who caught nine passes. The price tag of that 7th overall pick, 38.25 million dollars over five years with 23.5 million guaranteed. Great Job Al.

A quick look at the 2009 Raiders draft class:

1.Round One (7)- Darius Heyward-Bey WR
2.Round Two (47)- Michael Mitchell S
3.Round Three (71)- Matt Shaughnessy DE
4.Round Four (124)- Louis Murphy WR
5.Round Four (126)- Slade Norris (LB)
6.Round Six (199)- Stryker Sulak DE
7.Round Six (202)- Brandon Myers TE

Holy crap. Murphy was the only pick that made a significant contribution. He caught 34 balls for 421 yards and four TD’s. The rest of offensive players contributed 13 caches. The Defensive players contributed 45 tackles and four sacks. Sulak was cut before training camp even opened. A wonderful use of a NFL Draft pick.

While other NFL teams find gems in the rough, like Tom Brady in the Sixth round, or select solid special team players, or depth players, Al Davis drafts a guy just to cut him a few months later. It is a joke, and Davis should not be allowed to conduct his team’s draft, or open himself up to a malpractice lawsuit by his fans. That what this is malpractice pure and simple.

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