United States Imposes Sanctions Against Australia Over Internet Censorship

The United State Government has today announced that it will introduce sanctions against Australia over the latter’s introduction of internet censorship.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the decision to impose sanctions on Australia was a difficult one, however the United States wants to be consistent in its diplomatic relations.

“The United States stands on the side of freedom, and a free internet is a central belief of the Administration” Gibbs told the three reporters who cared enough to turn up at the White House press briefing.

“We may have had strong ties in the past with Austria, but it is clear now that as well as shifting its focus to China, the Rudd Government is also following their lead on online freedom.”

“Some one must think of the children, and the United States Government believes strongly that a free society is always best for children.”

Gibbs said that the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement was hereby suspended, the E3 Visa scheme would be phased out by June 30, and Australian citizens would have to apply for Visa’s to enter the United States from July 1.

“It is only fair that we punish the citizens of Australia as we do the citizens of Iran and China for the actions of their Government if they seek to enter a free society such as ours” Gibbs noted.

Australian Government representatives were unavailable for comment as they’d been unable to view the news online due to filtering already installed across the Australian Government’s computer network.

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