Even zombies want an R18+ game rating in Australia

Zombies shambled and lurched through Sydney’s Hyde Park yesterday in a desperate bid for BRAAAAAAAAAINS to protest against Australia’s ludicrous lack of an adults-only rating for videogames.

This demonstration, featuring 500 protesters in zombie outfits and make-up, was the second annual shuffle arranged to raise awareness on the issue.

Aussies have been campaigning for an R18+ rating on videogames since forever, logically arguing that this would bring games in line with movie classifications, and that adults should be able to make their own mind up about what they see on a screen.

As it happens, the R18+ rating will be debated amongst lawmakers next month. Common sense might just prevail, now that anti-R18+ Attorney General Michael Atkinson has stepped down. Better still, new Attorney General John Rau actually seems to support the idea.

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[Via Kotaku; image from here]