President’s Facebook shilling “Health Reform is a BFD” shirt

Most Americans assumed the President was probably embarrassed by Joe Biden’s f-word creep during last week’s historic signing of health care reform legislation.

That would appear not to be the case, as Facebook friends of Barack Obama will tell you. (Yes, I am one- homeboy and me are tight.) Today, we all got linked to the official Organizing for America page to take part in a vote for shirts that feature a few different phrases commemorating the hard-fought and much criticized new laws cracking down on insurance companies. In addition to “Yes We Can,” “This Is What Change Looks Like,” and “I Stand With The President” is one shirt, pictured above, proudly trumpeting “Health Reform is a BFD.”

While the shirt will probably only serve to inflame partisan anger on the contentious issue, I have to say, nice job, Mr. President. I personally think this is exactly the kind of “sit down and shut up” attitude the executive branch needs to get things done in this atmosphere. What do you think? Totally tasteless or hell, yes we can?