Beyonce Pregnancy Rumors Chilled With A Sip Of Wine

Elaine Radford

The Beyoncé pregnancy rumor mill got another boost to the "nope, she's probably not" side after the singer posted that top photograph to her Tumblr account showing her looking pretty toasted in hubby Jay-Z's lap as she sips on a glass of red wine. The couple were partying at a Berlin restaurant that they apparently had all to themselves and a big ole bottle of Italian red, based on her pictures.

Multiple media sources have weighed in for weeks about whether or not the couple is expecting a second child -- and the flames of the fire have often been fueled by Beyoncé herself. For instance, she recently coyly hinted that her daughter Blue Ivy needed a sibling.

Some media sources recently went so far as to go on the record to say that Beyoncé was confirmed to be pregnant. However, the star then reportedly backtracked and told a New York hip-hop radio programmer that it wasn't true.

So is she or isn't she? Again, some reporters are jumping the gun to say that the photo of Beyoncé sipping -- or, heck, pretending to sip -- at a glass of red wine is proof that she isn't pregnant.

And they may be right, for all I know. She sure as heck didn't look very pregnant in last night's Sound for Change performance in London.

During the event, Jay-Z gave Beyoncé a kiss onstage. Check it out in the photo below.

The concert was promoting the Chime for Change initiative meant to raise awareness for women around the globe. I'm not sure if those black leather hot pants will do much to raise anything except some guy's you-know-what, but hey. That's just me.

— Hannah Forbes (@HannahFrubes) June 2, 2013

Honestly, I think the two of them are loving the controversy and that they're going to milk the Beyoncé pregnancy rumors for every last drop of possible publicity. What do you think?

Is there any serious chance that we've heard the last of the Beyoncé pregnancy rumors?

[Beyoncé and Jay-Z photo courtesy Beyoncé via Tumblr]