Empire State Building jumper ID’d as Yale student

21-year-old Yale student Cameron Dabaghi has been identified as the man who leapt from the Empire State Building to his death early yesterday evening.

Dabaghi, a junior at Yale, breached a safety barrier at around 6:15pm Tuesday on the observation deck of the New York City landmark. The New York Times says Dabaghi got a “running start” before he “cleared the barrier” and jumped from the 86th floor, landing “on a sidewalk in front of a Bank of America branch near the northeast entrance of the skyscraper on West 34th Street, near Fifth Avenue.”

Since the building was erected in 1931, more than 30 people have used it as a means to a final end. Four years ago, a man jumped from a vacant office to his death and in January of last year, a retail employee in the building fatally leapt 14 stories from the 39th floor window to a 25th floor roof.

No pedestrians were injured in the incident.

[Image: Facebook]