Justin Bieber In The Clear? Tyler, The Creator Publicly Admits To Driving Ferrari

Page Mackinley

The producer and rapper Tyler, The Creator, has publicly admitted he drove Justin Bieber's white Ferrari in the gated Calabasas neighborhood on Memorial Day.

The 22-year-old, Odd Future member posted a statement on Twitter on Saturday, June 1.

It read:

"That Was Me Behind The Wheel Of Justins Vehicle. Don't Blame Him. People Are Actually Evil Swearing Up And Down That it Was Who It Wasn't."

The declaration by Tyler, whose formal name is Tyler Gregory Okonma, enters direct evidence into the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's ongoing reckless driving investigation.

According to TMZ, Bieber's security team have told the police they have video footage that proves Tyler was driving during the disputed time in question, and not the singer.

The team say Bieber only got into the driver's seat once they reached his home in order to park the luxury car in the garage.

The security video has not yet been presented to the police.

Tyler's admission of responsibility contradicts two witness statements taken by police after the alleged reckless driving incident.

Former NFL star, Keyshawn Johnson, claims he saw Bieber in the driver's seat of his Ferrari as it allegedly sped past a Calabasas location he was at with his three-year-old daughter.

Incensed at what he considered the endangerment of his child, Johnson tailed the car to Bieber's house to confront him. The ESPN commentator told TMZ:

"Look man, I know the difference between a black kid driving a car and a white kid driving a car," adding, "... I got a chance to see him driving the car, lets put it that way. He [Bieber] was sitting in the driver's seat."

Another Calabasas resident, who was taking out trash at the time, also claims the teen star was driving.

Bieber is well known to frequently let his friends use his cars. On Wednesday, May 30, the rapper Lil Twist was stopped by police for speeding in Calabasas while driving the Canadian's Ferrari.

Meanwhile, deputies plan to send a report to the L.A District Attorney's Office to consider filing misdemeanor charges in the next two weeks, the Associated Press reports.

Last week Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said of the two witnesses in the case (including Johnson):

"Their eyewitness testimony to our deputies was definitive — not only the speed, not only the vehicle, but Mr. Bieber was sitting and driving in the driver's side seat."

However, key questions will be at what point in the journey did the witnesses see the driver and how clearly, given the speed the Ferrari was reportedly traveling at.

— Tyler, The Creator (@fucktyler) June 1, 2013