LookTel “Artificial Vision” Gives Product Recognition To Blind People

Windows Mobile may not be the most exciting mobile operating system on the market, but now they do have a product that ups the cool factor a bit, especially for their blind users. The program LookTel’s “Artificial Vision” is now available in beta form and offers some cool features.

Among the programs offerings is the ability to scan text with your mobiles camera and have the application read back those letters to you. Along with text recognition they also offer voice labeling, easy accessibility and remote assistance.

The program can also use pre-tagged images to identify various objects that have been uploaded to the users PC and tagged by the user.

The program relies on a Windows Mobile handset and a PC BaseStation. The app even uses remote feed abilities which can help people who need directions and for what we assume will be other functions once out of beta. [Engadget]