Ibragim Todashev: Details On Killing Of Tamerlan Tsarnaev Friend Remain Hazy

Ibragim Todashev was killed by FBI agents as they were interviewing him in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing last week, but beyond that little is known of the incident.

Details of how and why the reported friend of suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed remain elusive, with some accusing the FBI of changing their story of how the killing took place.

FBI agents said Todashev suddenly attacked them during an otherwise peaceful interview, injuring an agent and posing a threat that led to his shooting. The suspect was initially accused of attacking an FBI agent with a knife, but agents seemed to have backed off that claim.

A new version of events in the killing of Ibragim Todashev claims he may have had another type of weapon, though that is also still unclear.

“At that moment, Mr. Todashev picked up the table and threw it at the agent, knocking him to the ground,” a source told the The New York Times. “While trying to stand up, the agent, who suffered a wound to his face from the table that required stitches, drew his gun and saw Mr. Todashev running at him with a metal pole, according to the official, adding that it might have been a broomstick.”

Police said Todashev was preparing to sign a statement admitting to involvement in a previous triple murder when the attack took place.

The Atlantic Wire noted that the agency’s account seems hazy, with the reported weapon changing twice within the same sentence. The disagreement over what threat Ibragim Todashev may have posed has led many to believe his killing was unnecessary.

The father Ibragim Todashev called FBI agents”bandits,” saying they shot his unarmed son in the back of the head.

“They could have simply grabbed my son or, in the worst case, they could have wounded him,” his farther said in a press conference from Russia. “They simply killed him as they wanted and my opinion is that they wanted to get rid of him to shut him up.”

The widow of Ibragim Todashev is now speaking out as well, calling for an investigation into the shooting.