Courtney Stodden Starts YouTube Series, First Episode Called "My Foot" [NSFW Video]

Courtney Stodden, the teenager who married a man in his fifties when she was only 16 (the law permits the marriage as long a s a parent consents) is back. Stodden turns 18 on August 29 and she plans on sharing the countdown with all her friends and the rest of the world on YouTube.

Basically the show follows Stodden through many of life's greatest tribulations. The first episode hit YouTube today and is aptly titled "My Foot Hurts".

The beginning of the clip shows the buxom blonde complaining that her ankle hurts as she struts about her house in sky-high plastic heels. She then, in a style to mimic a Hollywood A-lister, she transitioned form sitting and complaining to talking on the phone with her mom. The two discussed her choice of wardrobes for an upcoming photo shoot and, you guessed it, her foot.

Stodden said to her mom,

"I want a really tight, tiny dress, as always"
She then again started complaining about her foot, her mom did not seem to really care.

the next scene shows the drama of Stodden wearing next to nothing, actively complaining to her husband, Doug Hutchison, 51, about her foot, which she thinks she injured during an Easter-themed photo shoot.

The suspense is thickened by Hutchison disagreeing with the buxom blonde.

"It's the shoes, baby, I'm telling you. Stop wearing the shoes!" he proclaims.
A week later, a doctor confirms Stodden sprained her foot while jumping during the shoot.

Thankfully the injury has nothing to do with her high heels. CRISIS Averted!

Click Here to see the soon to be Academy Award Nominated "My Foot Hurts", starring Courtney Stodden. (Be Careful, NSFW)