First Metroid: Other M gameplay footage is “Mmmmm”

To date, any footage of the Wii’s forthcoming Metroid: Other M has been CG fluffery. The odd second-long kernel of gameplay has crept in, but little else. The biggest deal was the previously silent heroine Samus Aran speaking for the first time since she appeared in 1986.

But now our wait for gameplay footage is over. Dutch site Revogamers reached in its magic hat and pulled out this first video of Metroid: Other Min action. Frankly, it’s shit hot, and exactly what you’d expect from a collaboration between Team Ninja and Nintendo.

Actually, it looks very Team Ninja, who famously make games that are very fast, very fluid, and very hard (see: the Ninja Gaiden series). If Team Ninja is trying to make me feel like a badass when I play this, then congrats already, guys: I felt like a badass watching it.

The game itself has some lovely, silky side-scrolling sections, though you’ll also be able to view Other M‘s world from behind Samus’s visor, as in previous 3D Metroid titles. Between this, Pikmin 3, Red Steel 2, and Super Mario Galaxy 2, my Wii’ll be getting some serious playtime this year.

Anyway, TRAILER: