Planes Collide Mid-Air Over Arizona, Killing Four

Four people died this morning when two planes collided in mid-air over Arizona.

According to Reuters, two single-engine planes, each with two people on board, collided about 15 miles northwest of the Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix.

Phoenix Fire Department Capt. Larry Nunez said that they didn’t know what caused the crash.

Nunez said:

“We arrived on the scene and found four people deceased… Both of the planes collided. We don’t know how or what… The skies are clear.”

Television footage shows one of the planes charred and completely destroyed while the other plane is relatively in tact. Flying Magazine notes that one plane was a Piper Archer while the other was not immediately identifiable.

Yahoo News reports that one of the planes was registered to Bird Acquisition LLC, a company that runs a TransPac Aviation Academy for commercial pilots. It is not clear who owns the other plane.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Authority will be investigating the incident. Ian Gregor, a spokesman for the FAA, said that it could be months before a cause of the crash is determined.

The victims have not been identified yet.