Queen’s Portrait Looks Like A ‘Bloke In A Wig And Earrings’

Britain’s Royal Mail recently commissioned a new portrait of the Queen of England in celebration of her 60th year on the throne. But Queen’s portrait isn’t being celebrated at all. It’s being ripped apart by critics.

Critics have called the Queen’s portrait “abominable” and “monstrous” while one critic said that the Queen looked like a “bloke in a wig and earrings.”

Artist Nicky Philipps said that she knew that the portrait was going to receive negative comments. The artist also noted that the portrait was created for a new stamp and that only the Queen’s face will be used of the Royal Mail.

Phillips said: “You can’t please everyone and there’s a bit of ‘it’s appalling’, ‘it’s dreadful’ already – but I would like to invite those people to come and look at it in the flesh.”

Despite the criticism, Phillips said that she was honored to do a portrait for the Queen.

Phillips added: “It’s wonderful to be on the stamp and it’s an honour but it’s also disappointing when you know it’s a huge picture to have just one little bit highlighted.”

Here’s the new portrait of the Queen of England. Do you think she looks like a “bloke in a wig?”

bloke in a wig

Yahoo News reports that the portrait has at least one fan. The Queen of England approved the portrait to be used on the new stamp.

What do you think of the Queen’s portrait?