Gay Rights Group Demands 'Gay Cure' App Be Removed For iOS, Android Platforms

James Johnson

The gay rights advocacy group All Out recently demanded that the Apple iOS and Google Android app known as Setting Captives Free be removed from both stores because of its focus on offering a "gay cure."

Apple removed the app almost immediately following the request yet the Setting Captives Free app is still available for free download via the Google Play Store.

The Setting Captives Free app claims to offer various bits of information for spiritual and medical issues, but its main purpose is to promote a 60-day plan for "curing" gays and lesbians."

All Out started a petition to fight back against the app and then went on a publicity drive. Apple, a company that fully supports gay rights, going so far as to provide insurance coverage to the partners of gay workers, was quick to throw its support behind All Out.

According to All Out spokesperson Andre Banks:

"There is absolutely zero evidence that programs like Setting Captives Free work. It is so ridiculous that anyone would think an iPhone or Android app could cure someone's sexual orientation that it is easy to laugh this off, but there are vulnerable people who don't know better and will try this app and fail to change. We are most concerned about those who will harm themselves as a result of this insane app."

Apple and Android apps are specifically forbidden from taking part in such practices, but the Setting Captives Free app managed to sneak under the radar by offering other religious advice that masked its true intentions on the surface. For example, the app provides Biblical advice for diet, substance abuse, gambling, and other areas of interest.

It should be noted that the ability to change a persons sexual orientation has been denied American Psychiatric Association, the Pan-American Health Organization, and various other agencies.

So far All Out has collected more than 37,000 signatures, which it hopes will force Google to remove the Setting Captives Free app.

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