Hands-Free Whopper Opens Up Multitasking Possibilities [Video]

Are you ready for the hands-free Whopper?

The whopper is a magnificent sandwich. It’s the perfect combination of meat, tomato, pickles, lettuce, onion, mayonnaise and a sesame seed bun. Of course, the burger does have one big draw back. It requires hands to eat it.

Well, at least it did. Burger King has just unveiled the hands-free Whopper, allowing burger lovers to consume their food without interrupting their daily activities.

The hands-free whopper sounds like a hoax but it’s all too real. Burger King gave out a few dozen of the harmonica burger holders in Puerto Rico to celebrate its 50th year in the country.

The restaurant also made a “Multitasking” music video showing people eating whoppers as they boxed, walked their dogs, put on sunscreen at the beach, gave people tattoos, rode their bikes and did karate.

Burger King writes:

“In a multitasking world, how can we help people use their hands to do their everyday chores and enjoy their Whopper at the same time?”

What do you think of the hands-free Whopper? The device may be an advertising joke but it could definitely have some real world applications, especially for a restaurant that specialized in drive-thru customers…