Microsoft Sued Over Zune’s Buy From Radio Offering

Microsoft is being sued by Illinois inventor Edward Yavitz. Apparently the application designer applied for and was granted a patent in 2002 which allows users to buy songs they hear over the radio by tagging those songs and then searching for them through other sources.

Yavitz claims that he attempted to offer the technology to Microsoft in 2006, but his attempts at reaching out to the company had failed. He allegedly sent the following message to Microsoft reps:

“THIS IS ALL POSSIBLE AND PATENTED … SO IPOD [sic] and Google CAN’T DO IT, but Microsoft can, if you take the time to talk to me.”

In 2008 the Microsoft Zune series gained the technology on non-touch based Zune’s, devices which were not big sellers for the company.

Microsoft has acknowledged the suit but has not said whether they will fight the allegations. If the case does move forward or if a settlement is reached, it will more than likely have some implications on Apple who released an RDS text and tag suite for their fifth-generation iPod Nano units.

Some Ford 2010 vehicles also include the iTunes Tagging technology which could be seen as a patent violation based on the precedent set by this lawsuit. [Electronista]