Sewage Pipe Baby Leaves Hospital With Grandparents

The sewage pipe baby rescued earlier this week in China has been discharged from the hospital. Instead of being returned to the mother, the child is currently under the care of his grandparents.

The newborn was discovered inside a communal lavatory drainage pipe in the eastern province of Zhejiang after people heard the child crying. Rescuers were forced to cut away part of the sewage pipe in order to retrieve the baby.

Baby 59, who was named after his incubator at Zhejiang’s Pujiang People’s Hospital, was flushed down the pipe after his mother gave birth in the toilet. Police believe this was an accident, which means the mother will probably not be charged with a crime.

Although initial reports suggested that the mother and her child had already left the hospital, it’s now being reported that the baby is under the supervision of his maternal grandparents. The mother is reportedly still receiving medical care as of this writing.

“So far, according to the results of the investigation, and her explanation of what happened, we won’t charge her with anything,” local police explained. Authorities believe the woman didn’t step forward because she was frightened or what might happen to her.

The woman said she was forced to hide her pregnancy since the father was not willing to help her support the child. The man in question has since requested a paternity test. If it’s proven that the baby belongs to him, he intends to work with the mother to help support the child.

The mother is currently still in the hospital in serious condition due to complications from childbirth. Police who searched her apartment after the baby was reportedly found baby toys and towels soaked in blood.

An investigation into this very unusual situation is still underway. However, very few details are currently known about the Baby 59’s condition or his whereabouts as of this writing.

“We just know that the family came yesterday, accompanied by county public security officers, and took away the baby,” an anonymous individual at the hospital explained.

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